There’s a lot for iPhone photographers to love here, that’s for sure

Price: Free
Version: 3.9.8
Size: 97 MB
Developer: beyondf
Platform: iPhone and iPad

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Apple’s iPhone is probably the most powerful camera you own, but the built-in Photos app falls short in a number of ways. Plenty of third-party apps seek to plug this gap in Apple’s iOS, and one of the most interesting is HashPhotos.

There’s definitely a lot to love when it comes to this app. For starters, HashPhotos features a super slick user interface in which all your photos can be flicked through. A swipe to the left reveals your albums, while a swipe to the right lets you refine the selection by date. At this same interface, users can browse images by location (all your iPhone-captured photos will be geo-tagged by default), and you can search through your images using a variety of terms.

You can browse through all of your albums using HashPhoto’s handy at-a-glance interface.

One such search term is tags. HashPhotos lets users hashtag pics in order for them to be more easily summoned. The app will also auto-tag images based on their properties – like #photo for a photo; #gif for a GIF; #nearby for images with a location that’s close to where you currently are; or even #portrait, #landscape and #panorama.

Memos can easily be incorporated into your images in order to add that personal edge.

Individual photographs can be edited in HashPhotos using a variety of fairly standard tools (flip, crop, sharpen, brightness, and the like), and you can add memos – that is, text along the bottom of your image – or a number of different frames.

It’s particularly nice to see that a swipe-up gesture on an image reveals a compehensive pop-up pane with information concerning the photo itself. More detailed information can also be revealed for a limited number of times before an in-app purchase is required to unlock this functionality.

You can view all your images in a map interface – HashPhotos uses their geo-location data in order to put them in the right place.

Over in the app’s settings, HashPhotos lets users tweak display options, switch themes (of which there are three), enable a passcode or add a Dropbox account. There’s a useful guide, too, which should help users get the most out of the application.

One of the app’s best features: a simple swipe-up lets users view comprehensive information.

Although HashPhotos is a free download, some features are locked behind an IAP. These include batch editing and image conversion. However, you certainly don’t need to unlock any IAPs in order to get a lot from HashPhotos. As a free download, the app is superb.

So there you have it. If the Photos app keeps on letting you down, consider taking HashPhotos for a spin. It can be yours free of charge on the App Store.

Review: HashPhotos brings comprehensive photo-management to iOS
HashPhotos is a great piece of kit. It's the kind of Photos app that Apple should have built, with a wide range of features and a great user interface.
  • Slick user interface
  • Easy image searching
  • Built-in editor (and more!)
  • Lots of IAPs
4.5Overall Score