Happy Valentine’s Day, readers! It’s that time of year agin where society obligates couples to prove their love to one another. We’ve cooked up three ways you can show a special someone you care with some of the cool new features of iMessage. In this day and age there’s nothing more romantic than texting, right? And if you don’t have a date, we’ve got your back – these tips can be augmented to improve any kind of message you so desire, not just the lovey-dovey stuff. Strap in.

Note: these features were added with iOS 10, so users with older devices won’t be able to join in the fun. And, of course, iMessages only work with Apple devices – so if the love of your life has an Android phone, they’re going to miss out too!

Digital Touch

Who wouldn’t want to receive a still-beating heart from an admirer? Luckily, this animated heart is cartoonish and cute rather than bloody and gruesome, beating gently in time with your pulse. It’s a sweet gesture.


Watch out – if you drag downwards, it splits in two

Tap on the heart icon to the left of the main text box to launch Digital Touch. A dark interface will appear where you can either sketch something with your finger, or hold down with two fingers to animate a heart beat. As soon as you let go it will instantly send to the recipient.

Full-screen effects

If you’re the kind of person who would rather write a nice message than send an animation, fear not. iMessage’s full screen effects can give even the dullest prose a romantic boost, adding huge animated hearts that float across the screen.


Non-romantic effects are also available, including fireworks and confetti

After typing out a message, hold down on the send button and you’ll be given options for bubble or screen effects. Tap screen at the top and then swipe across until the hearts effect is activated. Then press send again and your message will be fired off with added animations.


Finally, iMessage allows you to send illustrated stickers to accompany your texts. These can either be send as standalone images or placed over the top of existing messages or photos. Sticker packs can be installed from the iMessage App Store.


There are a huge range of stickers to choose from, both paid and free

To send stickers, tap the App Drawer icon next to the heart from earlier. (If you don’t see these, you may have to tap the ‘>‘ button to reveal them.) This shows all your installed stickers, which can tapped or dragged anywhere onto the message view. To find more stickers, press the four circles in the lower left and then the Store button.

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