Switching from one music streaming service to another can be a pain, especially if you have a lot of lovingly crafted playlists you want to keep hold of. We’ve all got better things to do than manually find every single song in every single playlist you want to keep. But the big streaming services don’t offer an easy way to switch them over – thankfully, there’s another way.

Note: we’ll be looking here specifically at switching between Spotify and Apple Music – but this also works with other big-name streaming services like Google, Amazon, Deezer and Tidal.



This app allows you to copy playlists between music services. It’s relatively new, and has a few teething problems when matching on certain services – but it’s a free app and could save you a great deal of time.

On first launch of the app, you’ll need to authorize access to any streaming services you use. To do this, open up the app’s side menu and tap the service you wish to connect. You’ll be taken to the app in question to confirm the authorization, and then returned to SongShift. Apple Music is linked by default.


Tap the service you want to transfer songs from and then choose the playlist from the list. Then tap the service that you want to send the songs to. You can choose to add to an existing playlist, but in most cases you’ll want to tap New Playlist in the top right. It can take a few minutes if you have a lot of songs – but it’s still dozens of times faster than trying to do it all yourself!


In many cases, some songs will fail to match. Sometimes this is due to the disparity between the services catalogs, as some songs aren’t licensed by every platform. Other times a manual search will reveal the missed songs and you can add them into the playlist yourself.

If you pay for the Pro version of SongShift, you remove all limits and get detailed access to your transfer sessions. While certainly not essential, this is a worthy purchase if you have a lot of playlists to contend with. The Pro version of the app is charged as a one-time $4.99/£3.99 in-app purchase.


We found that SongMatch struggled a bit when copying tracks from Spotify to Apple Music – especially with very long playlists – but was extremely reliable the other way around. If you’re leaving Apple Music and heading to Spotify, then SongShift is your best bet to transfer your playlists. The developer is pretty active, releasing updates and improvements all the time, so hopefully these problems won’t last long. But in the meantime, if you’re not having much luck with this app you could try our second option…



This option has been around for longer than SongShift, and in some circumstances it’s a bit more reliable. That comes at a price though – STAMP’s free tier is pretty limited, meaning you’ll need to part with cold hard cash to get much use out of this one. You can unlock the full app for a one-off in-app purchase of $9.99/£7.99. It’s not cheap, but if you have a lot of playlists it could save you a great deal of time.


Like before, you’ll be prompted to authorize any necessary accounts, and choose services to move tracks from and to. You can then choose a playlist or two to transfer, or if you’re feeling bold you can tap select all and move everything in one go. It can take a while to transfer long playlists, so make yourself a cup of tea and leave the app to it for a bit. When you get back, it should be done!


If STAMP fails to match some of the tracks – and it probably will, although we found the success rate was pretty good – there’s an option to text or email yourself a list of anything missed so you can look for them manually. Usually these comprise remastered or obscure tracks that don’t sync up exactly between services, and are easy enough to replace yourself.

Between these two services, we’re confident you can get the bulk of your playlists transferred to your new streaming service of choice. Happy listening!