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About TapSmart

TapSmart is published by Intelligenti and is the key resource for straight-forward news, reviews and tips for your smartphone. With a focus on Apple, iOS, iPhones, and iPads, you can find everything you need to know to get the most out of your smart device.

We’ve also created a range of other apps, these include:

iPhone tips & tricks – for a bumper edition of just tips and tricks for your iPhone

iPad tips & tricks – you guessed it, the same – but for your iPad

Swipe – the iPhone magazine – for more than just tips, you get great editorial analysis and app reviews on in one neat package

Meet the team

Tom Rolfe, Editor-in-Chief
Editor of TapSmart, the Tips & Tricks apps, and Swipe – the iPhone Magazine.┬áTom is a gadget enthusiast who joined the team as writer in 2015 before┬ámoving up to an editorial role.

Craig Grannell, Regular Contributor
Craig has been writing about design and technology since the time flip-phones seemed pretty cool. If he could spend all of his time simultaneously playing Threes! and composing in Korg Gadget, he would.



Mark White, Engineering Lead
Mark leads the core engineering and coding work at Intelligenti, developing the apps behind much of the content that TapSmart, Swipe, and Tips and Tricks is based on.

Jon Bonnick, Founder
Founder and CEO of Intelligenti, which publishes TapSmart, and the Tips and Tricks and Swipe – the iPhone Magazine apps.

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