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Animatix: set your photos in motion

This new app adds movement to your still photography

Animatix is a new app that can add some animated life to your regular photos. The results are charming, stylized versions of your original image that buzz or shake or wobble as if multiple frames had been drawn by hand. The movement effects can be adjusted to your tastes, as can the stylistic choices, with a series of easy-to-use presets and sliders.

Some types of shots work better than others: Animatix can bring clouds or streams to life, turn your pets into wobbly cartoon masterpieces, or add a bit of energy to a text post for social media. It’s easy – and fun! – to experiment with the various art styles and animation effects, and we’re sure you can find even more uses if you try hard enough.

The app comes with a solid feature set for a new release, but could be made even better with the ability to mask parts of the shot so they don’t move. That way you could keep the subject of your portrait in focus but make the background swirl and ooze dramatically. We’ve reached out to the developer on this point, who promises that masking is a top priority for the next big update – so we’re confident Animatix will only improve with time.

For now, though, you can download it from the App Store for $2/£2 if you’re interested in spicing up your static photos.

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