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More from the App Store – great apps you might have missed [26 Mar 2021]

Thousands of apps and games are added to the App Store each week, and trawling through them to find the good ones can be difficult. That’s where we come in! We’ve found two new titles in particular that we think are worthy of your attention, as well as a golden oldie that we reckon deserves another mention.

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App of the Week

Hue Sentiment [$2/£2]

Philips Hue is the most popular smart light brand around, offering unlimited potential for tinkering with your lighting set-up from your iPhone. Now, with the Hue Sentiment app, you can set your lighting according to how you feel. Simply type in your emotional state, and and the corresponding mood will be set with whatever Philips Hue light bulbs you have set up. And if you don’t know exactly how you’re feeling, the app can cycle through all the hues until you find an appropriate reflection.

Hue Sentiment

Game of the Week

Crash Bandicoot: On The Run [Free]

The original Crash Bandicoot on PlayStation was clearly a major influence on early mobile 3D autorunners like Temple Run, so it’s satisfying to see Crash Bandicoot: On The Run completing the loop. Do you need yet another multi-lane runner? Maybe not, but mega-developer King has nailed the vibrant color and the relentless motion of the franchise with its usual fine layer of polish. Smash crates, collect apples, dodge hazards, and fight bosses like it’s 1996. Or 2011.

Crash Bandicoot: On The Run

App Store Classic

Skiplagged [Free]

Whenever the world opens up to travelling once again, you can bet your bottom dollar that demand is going to be high, and prices are going to follow suit. Skiplagged is an app that can secure you a flight and save money by traveling a less well beaten path. It trawls through the so-called ‘hidden-city’ flights that fall through the cracks of other apps and services. It won’t always be the most direct route you could take, but it’s likely to be the cheapest.