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Apple updates its free app of the week! “Eggggg” is now available for free

Wacky platformer Eggggg is free this week

Apple has updated its free app of the week, this time picking the quirky and very odd Eggggg – The Platform Puker. It somehow manages to take a gross concept – projectile vomiting – and turn it into a charmingly cartoonish and very unique gameplay mechanic.

This is a playful and well-designed game that just happens to feature, well, sick. Don’t let that put you off though! Its two-touch controls are simple to pick up and there’s a surprising amount of depth to the level designs here. Apple certainly think its worth your time – why not give it a bash while its free?

Note – this app will remain free until Thursday 25 May.

Eggggg – was $2.99/£2.99, now FREE