Got an Apple Watch? Got an iPhone? These apps for entertainment, exercise and weather are fantastic on both

Apps have infused their way into the daily lives of millions of people – and increasingly work seamlessly across devices.

In this round-up, we’ve selected ten that can improve your day in small but meaningful ways – and that are equally good on iPhone and Apple Watch.

Barcodes (free)

Tired of filling your wallet full of membership and loyalty cards? Scan them into Barcodes and instead use your iPhone or Apple Watch next time you’re at the store, gym or library. The app stores ten cards for free; IAP removes that limitation.

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Carrot Weather (free + IAP)

Famous for dishing out forecasts and snark in equal measure, Carrot is also the iPhone’s most flexible weather app, letting you quickly work up custom layouts. On Apple Watch, complications ensure you’re never more than a glance away from important weather stats.

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Dice by PCalc ($1.99/£1.79)

Whether you’re into complex fantasy board games with modifiers or just need a standard six-sided dice for a game of snakes/chutes & ladders, this app has you covered. It looks great too, with near-photorealistic 3D graphics – even on Apple Watch.

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Morpho Converter (free + IAP)

If you find yourself regularly making the same conversions, this app’s a boon. It lets you stash favorites for fast access. These sync across to Apple Watch, which adds currency conversion complications. On iPhone, you can also dig into common units from over 250 countries.

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MultiTimer (free or $9.99/£8.99)

One day, Apple will let you run multiple timers on iPhone. Until then, this app does the business, letting you define custom timers and fire several at once. Everything you set up syncs with Apple Watch – ideal for everything from cooking to work.

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Night Sky (free)

On iPhone, Night Sky lets you drag the heavens with a finger and pluck objects from it to explore in 3D and AR. On Apple Watch, the app ambitiously offers a similar (if simplified) view, although that version’s perhaps best used for notifications.

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Overcast (free)

This modern, full-featured podcast player is worth using instead of Apple’s own. It’s great for discovery, has a solid interface, and is superb when it comes to playback of talky shows. On Apple Watch, it can be a remote or a standalone player.

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Runkeeper (free)

An exercise app that’s seemingly been around forever, Runkeeper uses your device to track your runs, walks and bike rides. Your Apple Watch alone will do; and if you use a GPS device, you’ll get a map (along with data) on returning to your phone.

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Star Duster ($1.99/£1.79)

A love letter to 1980s LCD games, Star Duster on Apple Watch invites you to twiddle the Digital Crown to help a spaceship scoop up space dust. On iPhone, your device is transformed into a full handheld, with a tactile spinning dial.

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Streaks Workout ($3.99/£3.49)

This workout app wants to simplify the process of getting you fitter. On iPhone and Apple Watch alike, it offers a streamlined interface, a range of exercises, and options that range from a six-minute ‘quick’ session to the aptly named 30-minute ‘extreme.’

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