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The 10 best Apple Watch productivity apps (that are also great on iPhone)

Get things done with these apps – on your wrist or on your phone

Watches and phones have long been cornerstones of productivity. But your Apple Watch and iPhone can take things to the next level, by way of great apps.

This collection digs into timers, note takers, calendars and more, with each app being a great buy whether you want to use it on your wrist or on your phone.

BFT – Bear Focus Timer ($1.99/£1.79)

This app has you divide your day into work/break sprints, having you focus fully on a single task during the former. On iPhone, a timer starts when you place your device face-down; on watch or phone, a buzz alerts you when a timer’s complete.

Get BFT – Bear Focus Timer

Cheatsheet Notes (free + $5.99/£4.99)

You want some notes to always be readily accessible – Wi-Fi codes; locker combinations. Rather than writing them on your hand in pen, use Cheatsheet Notes, which can place them on device screens by way of widgets and complications.

Get Cheatsheet Notes

Cloud Battery (free or $2.99/£2.49)

It’s frustrating when a device runs out of power the second you pick it up. Avoid that by installing Cloud Battery on all your Apple kit, whereupon you get a global view of current charge levels, and optional alerts when something needs plugging in.

Get Cloud Battery

Countdowns (free + IAP)

There are some dates you do not want to forget, like anniversaries. With this app, you can define countdowns on your iPhone and then keep them front and center by way of Apple Watch complications or iPhone widgets.

Get Countdowns

Drafts (free + IAP)

Billed as the place where text starts, Drafts combines note taking, text editing, and automation. On iPhone and Apple Watch, you can quickly capture ideas, and then later do something with them within the iPhone app or elsewhere.

Get Drafts

Fantastical (free + IAP)

This Calendar app works with existing iCloud data but leverages natural language input for faster event input. It’s also packed with features, including inline weather forecasts, reminders integration, and an efficient events ticker.

Get Fantastical

PCalc ($9.99/£8.99)

The finest and most feature-packed traditional calculator on Apple devices, PCalc is aimed at anyone who wants a great app for calculations. It’s ideal whether you’re a student, an engineer, or someone who just taps out the odd sum now and again.

Get PCalc

Streaks ($4.99/£4.49)

This app helps you infuse new habits into your daily life by having you focus on a small number of tasks, be flexible, and track progress. You set things up on iPhone but can track on either device – and even trigger timed tasks on Apple Watch.

Get Streaks

Things 3 ($9.99/£8.99)

Get organized with this full-fledged GTD (Get Things Done) tool that balances simplicity and power, making it a cinch to juggle hundreds of to-dos. The Apple Watch app isn’t just a viewer either – you can dictate new tasks right into it.

Get Things 3

Twilio Authy (free)

Two-factor authentication helps keep your online accounts safe, and Authy provides you with a free repository for codes that can optionally sync between devices. The no-nonsense interface is a boon, whether grabbing codes from the Apple Watch or your iPhone.

Get Twilio Authy