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Apps of the Week: three great apps from April 17, 2020

Thousands of apps and games are added to the App Store each week, and trawling through them to find the good ones can be difficult. That’s where we come in! We’ve found two new titles in particular that we think are worthy of your attention, as well as a golden oldie that we reckon deserves another mention.

App of the Week

OutRun [$2/£2]

Many of us are looking for new ways to stay fit and active while in lockdown, and running around our neighbourhood is one of the easiest and most obvious methods. OutRun is a run-tracking app with an unusual focus on privacy and simplicity. There are no ads or premium subscriptions, and you don’t have to make an account. It’s just simple, clean, Apple Health-connected fitness tracking through a concise interface with a one-off up-front payment.


Game of the Week

Dead By Daylight Mobile [Free]

Here’s a delightfully grizzly take on social gaming if you’re after something to play remotely with your buddies. Dead By Daylight Mobile sees one player controlling a supernaturally empowered psycho killer lifted directly from pop culture (Michael Myers, the Demogorgon from Stranger Things, Freddy Krueger), and hunting down four player-controlled average Joes. These hapless survivors must hide, distract, and engineer an unlikely escape. Outside of Halloween, we can’t think of a better time to release such a game.

Dead By Daylight

App Store Classic

Uber Eats [Free]

When we talk about Uber Eats we’re really talking about a food delivery service more than an app. But that food delivery service is especially useful right now under lockdown conditions, and the app is an integral part of the process. Order up food from your favourite local restaurants, and then track your Uber Eats driver as they bring it to your door. If nothing else, making use of the Uber Eats app is a way to continue supporting the beleaguered restaurant industry.

Uber Eats