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More from the App Store – great apps you might have missed [30 July 2021]

Thousands of apps and games are added to the App Store each week, and trawling through them to find the good ones can be difficult. That’s where we come in! We’ve found two new titles in particular that we think are worthy of your attention, as well as a golden oldie that we reckon deserves another mention.

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App of the Week

Tably [Free]

Ever wondered what your cat is thinking? Tably doesn’t claim to be able to help you with that, but it does claim to be able to tell you whether your cat is happy or not, based on subtle facial cues. We’re not sure about the veracity of those claims – especially considering some of the early App Store reviews from dismissive mog owners – but that doesn’t really matter. The mere concept of Tably is enough to fill our hearts with joy and hope.


Game of the Week

NieR Reincarnation [Free]

The NieR series has attracted a rare kind of rabid cult following on console, with its quirky mixture of action-RPG mechanics and deep narratives. NieR Reincarnation marks the franchise’s mobile debut, taking the form of a free-to-play auto-battling RPG. Yes, it’s another gacha game, but it’s a particularly polished one, coming as it does from Japanese behemoth Square Enix. If nothing else, it will be a great game to show off the technical prowess of your iPhone/iPad.

NieR Reincarnation

App Store Classic

iVerify [$3/£3]

iVerify launched towards the end of 2019, so it’s hardly a golden oldie in app terms. But it’s made quite an impression since its launch – including gaining the approval of Apple – with its promise to notify you if you’ve been hacked. It’s an offering that’s taken on fresh relevance with the recent Pegasus revelations, and indeed the developer of iVerify has just added the ability to “check your device for trails of Pegasus software” into the app.