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Apps of the Week: three great apps from May 31, 2019

Thousands of apps and games are added to the App Store each week, and trawling through them to find the good ones can be difficult. That’s where we come in! We’ve found two new titles in particular that we think are worthy of your attention, as well as a golden oldie that we reckon deserves another mention.

App of the Week

Vignette [$5/£5 with free trial]

This little app focuses on the very specific task of turning those greyed out initials that represent some of your iOS contacts into proper thumbnail images. It does so by scanning several social networks – namely Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Gravatar – and attempting to pair the names on your contacts list with their related images. Conveniently, you don’t need to log in to any of these accounts in order to grab the required information, though you do need to have some form of associated identification stored in your existing contact data.


Game of the Week

Very Little Nightmares [$7/£7]

While we do love a good console-to-mobile port, it’s arguably more interesting when a publisher decides to build a bespoke mobile experience around a familiar IP. That’s precisely what we have with Very Little Nightmares, which acts as a prequel to the well-received side-scrolling 3D platformer Little Nightmares. This time around Namco Bandai has commissioned an atmospheric isometric puzzle adventure from the makers of Love You to Bits and Bring You Home, and it looks suitably lovely.

Very Little Nightmares

App Store Classic

Productive [$4/£4 with free limited tier]

Habit trackers are apps that are dedicated to encouraging positive behavior. Productive is a particularly stylish example of the format, with in intuitive swipe-based UI and beautiful infographic-like presentation. Pick the habit you want to encourage, assign it to a time of day, week or month, and then tick them off as you complete them. While it essentially acts as a glorified checklist, Productive whirs away in the background to keep tabs on your progress, offering a handy breakdown for each habit.