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TapMeasure – was $2/£2, now FREE

It’s not been long since iOS 11 was released back in September, but already we’re seeing some cool apps taking advantage of the new augmented reality (AR) smarts available to developers.

TapMeasure is one of several apps designed to help you accurately measure real-world objects using your iPhone or iPad. It’s a great utility to have on hand for those moments where you need to measure something or make a quick plan for some DIY, and you’ve got no conventional tools to hand. It’s also a fun way to get to grips with a new technology!

The app has three main modes:

Quick Measure is basically a virtual tape measure. You can quickly find the distance between two points by pointing the device camera at one, then the other. Thanks to ARKit it’s surprisingly accurate!

Smart Level is a spirit level, perfect for hanging pictures straight. After defining the wall the app will auto-detect hanging pictures and suggest how to rotate them to get them perfectly level.

3D Room Builder is the most ambitious feature, which can instantly create floor plans and 3D models from a scan of the room. Once the app has detected the floor plane, you’ll need to walk around the room tagging each corner with the camera.

This is a really good intro to the capabilities of augmented reality on iOS. We don’t know how long it will remain on sale, but even if the app has returned to full price ($2/£2) by the time you read this, it’s still worth checking out if you want to get stuck into the possibilities of ARKit!

Get TapMeasure

Bonus: Moog Model 15 – was $30/£30, now $10/£10

TapMeasure isn’t the only notable price drop of the day – we’ve also stumbled upon an app that’s currently available with a whopping $20/£20 discount. We really do spoil you here, huh?

Though it might not appeal to everyone, music buffs will know the value of a modular Moog synthesizer built specifically for iOS. These high-end music making apps are usually pretty expensive, so this is a great chance to get an incredible virtual instrument at a (relatively) low price.

Get Model 15

Please remember that these prices could change at any time so always double check what you’re being charged before agreeing to download the app.

Hi! Thanks for reading. This post looks better in our award-winning app, Tips & Tricks for iPhone.