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Bear Focus Timer: improve your concentration with this cute app

There are many apps that encourage productivity using the Pomodoro technique, but not many as charming as BFT (Bear Focus Timer,) a minimal concentration helper that recently launched on the App Store.

The Pomodoro method is a straightforward way of getting more work done by splitting your time into 25-minute chunks separated by short breaks. The idea is to ignore distractions completely during each cycle and reward yourself with small, planned distractions throughout the day to scratch the procrastination itch.

BFT combines this theory with a friendly bear called Tom that will help you keep track of these work sessions – and get mad when you break your concentration. Start the timer, put your phone face down and don’t touch it until you’re done! The app can also provide you with white noise effects to help you shut out distractions and keep your focus.

It might be simple, but this is a charming and genuinely useful app – and if it helps you get more done every day then the $1/£1 entry fee seems like a pretty good deal to us.