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Job Hunting Apps – 4 ways to further your career

Times are tough and the economy is being squeezed for all its worth, meaning many of us are being forced to find new jobs. Whether you’ve lost your old job or are simply looking for something better, it’s a highly competitive market out there.

Thankfully, there are plenty of fine iOS apps available that can help give you a leg up – or at least set you on the right path. Check out one or more of these job-hunting apps and your chances of finding yourself in gainful employment will improve considerably.

LinkedIn (Free)

If you though LinkedIn was about cringey humblebrags from prominent industry figures and mystifying friend requests from old school mates… you’d probably be right. But it’s also one of the best ways to find a new job, offering access to a network of vocation-related contacts that’s pretty much unparalleled. There’s a powerful job-finding tool that will recommend jobs based on your experience and expertise, and taking care to fill in your LinkedIn profile properly is equivalent to posting your resume through hundreds if not thousands of businesses’ doors.

Indeed (Free)

Indeed bills itself as “the most comprehensive search engine for jobs”, and its presentation is correspondingly no-nonsense. Featuring a staggeringly comprehensive database of some 16 million jobs across 60 countries and 28 languages you’re bound to come across a job (or more likely many) that’s right for you. You can also set the app up to ping you with fresh jobs that meet your criteria. When you do spot the role of your dreams, Indeed lets you quickly apply using its Resume feature, along with a personalized message.

Glassdoor (Free)

Glassdoor is another job search app, with the onus placed on helping you appraise the company before you apply for the job. To that end, it provides user reviews from real employees as well as CEO approval ratings, so you have a better idea of the kind of company culture you’re walking into. The app can also help you prepare for interviews with real example questions, and you might even find pictures of your prospective work place to help set the scene.

ZipRecruiter (Free)

ZipRecruiter is another job search app to add to your list. Its focus is on the ease of its application process, with the promise of a one-tap system. Just find the job you want and, after an initial set-up phase, you’ll be able to hit a single button to apply. ZipRecruiter also offers real time status updates on those applications, with notifications whenever your resume is viewed.