The App Store is a curious beast. Thousands of apps are added each week, and trawling through them to find the interesting ones can be difficult. That’s where we come in! There have been a ton of notable games released over the last week or so, and to ensure none of them pass you by here’s a quick recap of the best recent releases!

Scalak [$2/£2]

A pattern-matching puzzle game from the creator of PUSH and Zenge. If you like logical thinking and want something with ever-changing mechanics that will test your spatial awareness, this will certainly fit the bill.

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Sir Questionnaire [$3/£3]

This is a dungeon crawling game simplified to a multiple choice system, a little like Reigns. Every room you visit offers up two choices: pick wisely to find the best loot and defeat the creatures you encounter.

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G30 – A Memory Maze [$5/£5]

A unique and minimalistic take on the puzzle genre, where each level is hand-crafted and meaningful. It’s a story of a person with a cognitive disorder, who is trying to recollect the elusive past – before the disease takes over and everything will fade away.

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Pocket Run Pool [Free]

The latest reinvention of a classic game from indie developer Zach Gage (Sage Solitaire, Really Bad Chess.) It’s an addictive high-score chasing solo version of pool, with plenty of game modes to keep you occupied.

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