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Best new apps and games – Jan 28, 2017

We’ve got a really varied and interesting selection of new apps for you this week. Scroll through our roundup for apps to help you stick to a fitness regime, share awesome panoramic photos, and automatically answer homework or quiz questions. On the games front, not only did we get a surprise new Pokémon game this week, we’ve got an innovative puzzle platformer and a peaceful game of color perception to boot. Read on for more details!

Pokémon Duel

Price: Free (+optional IAPs) • Version: 3.0.0 • Size: 171 MB

The Pokémon Company surprised the gaming world this week with a new game, Pokémon Duel. It’s a board game style affair in which teams of six Pokémon duke it out in an attempt to reach the opponent’s side of the board, fighting each other when they come into contact. You can play online or work your way through the single-player quest mode – and though there are in-app purchases aplenty, the devs promise us the game can be completed without spending a dime.



Price: Free • Version: 1.0 • Size: 22.6 MB

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We bet a lot of you set a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, or get fit, or go to the gym more often. How’s it going? Sometimes it can be hard to appreciate improvements when the progress is slow – Snapsie is all about keeping track of your goals by helping you take before and after photos, plus all the photos in between. That way you can really see what ten pounds lighter looks like!


Splitter Critters

Price: $2.99/£2.99 • Version: 1.1.2 • Size: 106 MB

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This is a highly original platform puzzler based on manipulating the environment itself rather than the characters. Swipe to split the world in two and rearrange the pieces to create new platforms and pathways. Much like the early 90s hit Lemmings, your goal is to encourage a range of auto-walking critters back home. It’s innovative, challenging, and cute.



Price: $1.99/£1.99 • Version: 1.2 • Size: 37.9 MB

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This new app has a very specific purpose, but for keen photographers or those who love to share stuff online, it could be invaluable. Panols helps split your best panoramic photos into three squares, perfect for lining up on Instragram’s grid feed.


I Love Hue

Price: Free • Version: 1.0.1 • Size: 57.8 MB

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Think you have a good eye for color? Now’s your chance to prove it! I Love Hue is a peaceful game all about color perception, presenting you with increasingly complex grids of color with a few squares out of place. Your job is to rearrange the squares to make a perfect graduated spectrum of color. Calm, satisfying gaming at its best.


Socratic [UPDATED]

Price: Free • Version: 3.0.1 • Size: 53.4 MB

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Socratic is designed to help kids with their homework, but truthfully it’s useful for any kind of English, Science, or History question. It works like magic – take a photo of a quiz sheet or question book and the app will not only figure out the answer, but find resources to help teach you more about the solution. The recent v3.0 update adds explainer cards and graphs for math questions, making it a more rounded problem solver than ever!