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Cardiograph goes free: track your heart rate using your device camera

Cardiograph – was $1.99/£1.99, now FREE

It’s not that long ago that you’d need specialist equipment to monitor your own heart rate, but now anyone with an iPhone or iPad can do it with ease – and for free.

Apple Watch owners will, of course, be used to tracking their heart rate automatically using the wearable device. But for those of us who don’t have one, this third-party app is the next best thing available for iOS.

Cardiograph doesn’t need any special hardware to work; instead, it uses your device camera to measure your heart rate through the tip of your finger. It feels pretty magical.

The app can automatically sync with the Health app, which makes it super useful for keeping track of daily fluctuations or patterns in your cardiovascular health.

Monitor your history

Of course, the app does take pains to note that this isn’t a replacement for professional equipment, but its results are impressively accurate for easy home tracking.

Cardiograph has just gone free for the first time since it launched last year, but the sale may not last too long so grab it while you can!

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