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Enjoy a good cup of coffee? There’s an app for that. Several, in fact. Earlier this year, Apple’s editors highlighted some of their favorite coffee-related apps, and there are some really useful utilities on the list, no matter what kind of relationship you have with those hot brown beans.

For the lazy, Apple recommends Best Coffee (free) or Cuppings ($1/£1) to help you track down a quality brewhouse in the local area.

For the AeroPress owner looking to improve their brewing technique (or learn a new method) try AeroPress Timer ($5/£5) or Grind ($2/£2). Not to be confused with Grindr, which is a very different app altogether!

For the coffee aficionado, both Filtru Coffee (free) and Single Origin ($1/£1) include guides to all manner of brewing methods and coffee gadgets.

A decent list, then, with options for all levels of caffeine fiends! You can read Apple’s detailed explanation of its choices right here, or dive straight in.

On top of these picks, we can personally recommend the helpful coffee-making guide Barista ($3/£3), which we gave four stars in our review. It covers many different techniques and has a range of multi-stage timers and measurement guides to help get the absolute perfect brew.

Whichever selection of apps you choose, enjoy your next hot cup of the good stuff!