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David Bowie is… – a virtual tour through rock history

Missed the five-year world tour of the V&A’s huge David Bowie exhibition? Never fear! Now you can get your fix of the Thin White Duke / Ziggy Stardust / Aladdin Sane / [insert your favorite Bowie persona here] right from the palm of your hand with this virtual interpretation of the entire thing.

That means full augmented reality copies of dozens of amazing costumes, along with all kinds of intimate items from Bowie’s incredible career like original lyric sheets, old sketches, rare costumes, and even a few paintings! The virtual recreations can be inspected at close quarters in the app, from all angles, through a series of AR rooms designed specifically to be enjoyed at home, sat at a table with headphones on.

The whole thing is narrated by Oscar-winning actor Gary Oldman, a close personal friend of David Bowie who hails from the same area in London. And don’t worry that it’s just memorabilia – there are plenty of songs, music videos, and live performances to absorb too.

If you’re even a borderline Bowie fan, this app can provide hours of entertainment and is certainly worth the entry fee. $8/£8 is on the expensive side for an app, but it’s much cheaper than a ticket to the show ever was and even cheaper than the book documenting the exhibition. When you consider how much exclusive content it contains, we think that sounds like a pretty good deal!

David Bowie is…