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A Design Kit: modern, colorful additions for your photos

The photography section of the App Store is pretty crowded, with a host of apps all doing similar things. In fact, iOS users are now so spoilt for choice, it takes something really fresh to turn heads. And though A Design Kit covers familiar territory, offering a range of tools to help turn your photos into slick pieces of artwork, the combination of a smart interface and some really great content makes it totally worth a look.

A Design Kit ($2/£2)

By “content,” we mean the impressive range of brushes, fonts, graphics, and stickers at your disposal. This allows you the flexibility to scrawl your own designs using a great range of textured brush types, or type out a message with an impressive array of included fonts. Also included are plenty of designer graphics to create logos, patterns, or borders, and a fairly in-depth selection of cartoon stickers for those who like that kind of thing.

There’s even more content available if you pay to unlock the extras, but you get a lot for the download fee of $2/£2 and we think the app deserves a place on anyone’s home screen as an integral part of a photo-editing arsenal.

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A Color Story (Free)

A Design Kit is by the creators of the popular A Color Story, another photo editing app with a focus on filters, effects, and tools to make the underlying imagery look its best. A Color Story is free and plays nice with A Design Kit; we’d recommend grabbing both if you like the sound of one.

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