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Endlesss – music maker with remote jam potential

Create music in real-time with amateurs and pros from across the globe

Price: Free (with IAPs)
Version: 1.0.8
Size: 51.3 MB
Seller: Endlesss Ltd.
Platform: iPhone


Amateur musicians and pro music-makers alike should consider downloading Endlesss, an app that adds a collaborative twist to iPhone-powered electronic music creation.

We’ve seen music creation apps before, but Endlesss (no, the extra ‘s’ is not a typo) is a little different. While the app offers an impressive music creation interface that’ll let you put together comprehensive tracks in minutes, it’s the collaboration aspect that sets Endlesss apart. But first, let’s talk about the app’s solo mode.

Creating a track.

A solo jam is the place to learn the ropes – something that shouldn’t take you long. The app breaks tracks down into their constituent parts (beat, bass, voice, and so on), and uses a looping tool to let users layer their track together. You can begin with a beat, tapping on one of the drum pads before hitting “loop” to repeat your creation.

Then you might switch instrument to bass, and play around with the voices there until you’ve got a bass line you’re pleased with. Tapping “loop” again adds bass to your track.

Adding a beat.

This is how electronic tracks are born in Endlesss – before you know it, you’ll have a multi-layered composition up and running. It’s even possible to add your own voice using the iPhone’s built-in microphone for some of those vocal vibes.

From there, you can tweak levels (like pitch, length, tone, and more) for individual instruments to get the balance just right. You can also silence voices before layering them back in – a common feature of electronic music.


While Endlesss is fun for solo work, it’s even better when you join a multiplayer project. You can invite friends to a project by sending a link, or you can jam in one of the larger projects which are available on the app’s home page. Usefully, these feature an integrated chat interface where you can talk music with your fellow collaborators.

Collaborations like these span days, with different people adding to them over time. It’s a nice way to see a project evolve with input from different types of musicians.

Best of all, Endlesss lets musicians collaborate and ‘jam’ together on a project in real-time. You can both work together on the project and see the changes one another are making as they happen. To collaborate in this way, all you need to do is open the project at the same time on your devices and the magic, as they say, will happen.

At a time when most of us don’t have the option of jamming with friends in real life, Endlesss could plug that gap – at least for now. It’s a freemium title with some IAPs for additional instruments, but it’s more than possible to have a lot of fun with the app without spending a cent.

Adjusting levels.

There are some minor gripes – there’s no undo button, and managing to tap the loop button in time can be tricky business (you may end up losing a second or so from your input). You could also encounter times when instrument pads seem to lag slightly – something which is especially noticeable on the drum instrument.

The good news though is that if you do like a track, you can export it as an audio file and listen to it on the go – or even import it into your digital audio workstation (DAW) for further production!

Endlesss is a free download on the App Store and it’s a great option for fun, virtual, and collaborative music creation.