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Entale – an immersive, interactive podcast app

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A next-gen podcast app that harnesses the power of AI and machine learning

Developer: Entale Media Ltd
Price: Free
Size: 40.8 MB
Version: 7.9.1
Platform: iPhone


While podcasting might seem a traditionally auditory pastime, Entale adds a visual spin on the time-honored medium much-loved by iPhone and iPad users around the world. Using the power of AI and machine learning, Entale makes it possible to learn a whole lot – both about new or upcoming podcasts, and about those you’re already listening to.

When you launch Entale, the first thing you’ll notice is the app’s gorgeous interface in the default Discover tab. Here, users can browse through new podcasts, including items tailored to your interests. While the selections on offer aren’t always spot-on, Discover offers a one-stop place to find new podcasts and shows.


In the Library tab you can catch up on all your favorite shows. It’s useful that Entale allows iPhone owners to import podcasts they’ve already subscribed to – this makes the transition from Apple’s Podcasts app (or similar) really straightforward.

However, it’s the player view where Entale really shines. Although activating the full-screen player involves a slightly-awkward swipe (which may send you back to the Home screen), Entale knocks it out of the park with its AI-generated visual content – most of the time.

AI and machine learning.

The app uses AI to “surface” content related to episodes you listen to, and displays this content at the right time when you listen to a show. This means that when your podcast mentions Apple CEO Tim Cook, you get a picture and a list of references where he’s mentioned in other shows. Clever, right?

Entale is a little vague about exactly what type of information is plucked from a podcast, and how it works. It’s a black box that has a slight tendency to over-promise – but when it works, this feature is really impressive and certainly adds to the listening experience.

As you might guess, when the feature doesn’t work you end up with irrelevant content in your stream. For instance, Entale misinterpreted a fundraiser for St Jude’s Research Hospital as an album by The Courteeners. Fortunately, you can flag up irrelevant (or inappropriate) content, which removes it from view (and hopefully from other people’s Entale stream).

We couldn’t help but think the AI could do with a helping hand from an episode’s show notes, which often contain links to things discussed on the podcast and could provide additional content that’s guaranteed to be relevant.


Shows can also be added to “collections” in Entale, although I can only imagine this feature being useful for those of you who consume a whole lot of podcasts. More interestingly, users have the option of following pre-existing collections – like Foodie and Gamer’s Digest. This adds another dimension for podcast discovery and is a nice addition.

The app also offers good opportunities for sharing podcasts you love with other people, including support for curating short snippets for those who may not want to delve into an entire episode. You can also follow other listeners or even broad topics to dig into the communities that surround your favorite shows.

Gamer’s Digest.

Overall, Entale is a beautifully designed replacement for the podcasting app – one that puts discovery, in all its forms, center stage. To find new podcasts or to learn more about what – or who – you’re listening to, take the free app for a spin.