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Sequel Media Tracker – wishlist movies, books, and more

Developer: Romain Lefebvre
Price: Free
Size: 45 MB
Version: 2.0.7
Platform: iPhone & iPad


With the recent arrival of version 2.0, Sequel has become one of the most complete media tracking apps on the App Store.

Think of it like a greatly expanded and fleshed-out version of JustWatch, where you can search for any TV show, movie, book, audiobook, or video game and add it to a wishlist.

Sequel lets you add multiple media types to your wishlist

This can serve multiple useful functions. For one thing, Sequel will remind you when a forthcoming piece of media is due to be released.

For another, you can mark individual TV episodes off as you watch them, letting you keep track of where you are in a series. We particularly liked how a TV show will give you a little pie chart icon indicating how far through a show’s run you are.

JustWatch supplies info on available streaming avenues

Each media listing is presented in rich, App Store-inspired fashion, led by full-screen artwork and a contextual button for adding and marking said item off as you finish it. Scroll down and you’ll be presented with more information, such as user ratings, links to where you can experience it (TV and movie content is supplied by JustWatch itself), and episode breakdowns.

Continue scrolling down for cast information and extras such as trailers. Adding a game, meanwhile, will tell you which platforms it’s available for, as well as informing you as to how long a game will take to beat.

Game info includes completion times

It’s also possible to create folders, called Collections, within each media type. This lets you do things like collate all of the sci-fi shows you’re tracking into one place.

We were impressed with the comprehensiveness of Sequel’s all-encompassing search tool, with just a single failure during our time with the app. This was for a book, with the search tool only presenting the audiobook version, which is likely more a reflection of the fractured ebook publishing scene than any great failure on Sequel’s part.

Each media category has a recommendation hub

If you don’t know what you want to search for, each category contains a mini hub highlighting new and trending media.

Sequel is free to use in a basic media-tracking form, though you’ll need up to Sequel+ for $2.99/£2.79 a month (there’s a generous two-week trial) if you want the full experience. It’s this paid tier that grants you those useful media location listings, for example.

The search too is powerful, crossing all categories

You’ll need the paid tier for the release reminder function too, as well as the video game length, advanced widgets, and alternative app icons. Some of these are pretty inessential, but the media listings, in particular, might just prompt you to keep JustWatch around.

If you’re willing to stump up the fee, though, the full-blown Sequel+ experience is a slick and comprehensive means of tracking most if not all of your media consumption.