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Good Habits: five apps to improve your lifestyle

We’ve just spotted another excellent roundup from Apple’s editors, this time focused on apps that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and develop better habits.

The three apps highlighted each use the increasingly popular technique of “gamification” to add a much-needed sense of fun to mundane daily activities. Psychology shows that turning habits into challenges and incorporating rewards for passing goals can make everyday tasks more satisfying to complete, thereby increasing the likelihood you’ll stick to them.

Seen in this particular roundup are Fortune City (free), an expense tracker disguised as a city-building sim; CARROT Fit ($4/£4), a snarky workout app with plenty of fun rewards to earn; and SleepTown ($2/£2), an app that ties a healthy night’s rest to a virtual building.

Three good selections from Apple there, showcasing the popularity of gamified self-improvement apps. We’ll add to the list a couple more App Store classics: Duolingo (free), which grants experience points as you learn a new language; and Yousician (free), which turns learning an instrument into a real-life rhythm game.

This particular article surfaced on the UK App Store, but readers worldwide can take a look by tapping here – or use the links below to grab any of the apps mentioned above.

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