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Home Workouts – four great apps for better exercise

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Whether you find yourself spending a lot more time at home post-lockdown, or your simply don’t like the thought of working out in front of a bunch of strangers (and paying for the privilege), home workouts have increased in popularity of late.

Thankfully, there’s a teeming ecosystem of iPhone apps to help bolster your personal exercise regime. Here are four of our favourites.

Wakeout [$12.99/£11.49 a month]

It’s perhaps unsurprising that Wakeout won Apple’s App of the Year award for 2020. At a time when everyone was stuck at home and not feeling too healthy, Wakeout provided accessible, flexible workout programs for wherever you happened to be. The app encourages you to incorporate simple movements into your everyday activities, whether it’s curls in the kitchen or crunches by your couch. Its guidance videos eschew muscle-bound instructors in favour of everyday people in their PJs, and everything’s generally extremely encouraging and beginner-friendly.

Fiit [$25.99/£19.99 a month]

Fiit is a serious health and fitness app that gives you access to hundreds of trainer-led workout plans. Whether you’re after a spot of HIIT training, you want to hit some weights, or you’re determined not to skip leg day, Fiit will bring a professional gym-level experience to your home. All the app asks of you is to find a 2m x 2m space. There’s no specialist equipment required, though there is a dedicated Fiit Tracker available if you really want to go the whole hog. The app will even provide DJ-mixed soundtracks to your workouts.

Runkeeper [Free]

Runkeeper has been one of the most highly respected fitness apps on the App Store for years now, to the point where it was acquired by running shoe company Asics in 2016. It continues to do good work, letting you track runs, set training plans, and take part in running challenges around your neighbourhood – or wherever you happen to be. Despite the name, it’s not all about running either. Runkeeper also covers cycling, walking, hiking, and even skiing. Even if you are running from home, you can link up with friends through team-based virtual running clubs.

Aaptiv [$14.99/£13.49 a month]

Aaptiv is just about the most discreet home workout app available, making it perfect for busy households. Its key twist is that its various workout programs can be run through in audio-only form, with more than 2,500 workouts relayed via purely vocalised instructions from certified trainers. Set your goals (get ready for a 5K run, lose a certain amount of weight etc.), pop your earphones in, then allow the app to guide you through a range of exercises, from the usual running and walking tasks to elliptical sessions, strength training, stretching, yoga, and rowing.