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Human Cosmos – an AI-powered mind-body guide

Can an artificial intelligence teach mindfulness?

Price: Free
Subscription: $5 / £5
Version: 3.3.1
Size: 72 MB
Seller: Aliya Grig
Platform: iPhone & iPad

Human Cosmos

There are health and wellbeing apps aplenty on the App Store, but Human Cosmos is a little different. Using the power of AI, this smart app can provide personal and bespoke support to help users reach their mind-body potential.

Like all comprehensive wellbeing apps, Human Cosmos includes a number of features in one – namely, guided visualisations and meditative exercises (which can be accessed in the Practices tab), and relaxing soundscapes (available in the Sounds tab). However, before you dive into either of these, Human Cosmos will first recommend you undertake a diagnostic questionnaire.

The diagnostic questionnaire.

Don’t worry – this isn’t as intimidating as it sounds, although it’s worth noting that the diagnostics will prompt you to reflect on your health and mental wellbeing. The app looks for signs of mental ill-health – like anxiety, burnout, or psychosomatic symptoms – and serves up the most appropriate practices to support you with your areas of need.

Your Cosmic Guide.

Human Cosmos adds a further layer through arranging its practices across seven domains: body, influence, energy, mindfulness, prosperity, creativity, and love and relationships. In this way, the app helps users find the exact exercise to complete in order to target specific areas of their life.

What’s more, Human Cosmos also organizes its meditative practices using tags, which is really useful – users can easily view all of the practices relating to specific areas (like calm, clarity, or direction) or with specific characteristics (like 10, 12, or 14-minute exercises) by simply tapping a tag.


While it’s possible to comb through practices and soundscapes, the app’s MyDay tab presents a daily dose of recommended practices for you each day, alongside an astrological commentary, if you’re into that sort of thing. Here, you can also journal how you’re feeling in order to look for patterns in the fluctuation of your emotions and mood.


All of this makes Human Cosmos a pretty powerful app, but there’s one more thing that sets it above the rest: Astra. Astra is a built-in chatbot that can talk you through the process of establishing and refining a goal. If you’ve used chatbots on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, you’ll have an idea of how Astra works – although the results aren’t always perfect, they’re nevertheless impressive and could really help.


While Human Cosmos is a free download on the App Store, the app requires a subscription of $5/£5 per month (or $30/£30 annually). However, that’s a small price to pay when you consider all the good Human Cosmos could do for you.