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Hypernotes by Zenkit – giving notes the mind map treatment

Developer: axonic
Price: Free
Size: 36 MB
Version: 1.0
Platform: iPhone & iPad


Plenty of note–taking apps claim to make note taking slicker, more intuitive, or more collaborative. But few take meaningful steps to make your note taking more effective.

Fresh from the popular Zenkit suite of business apps comes Hypernotes, which is here to connect your notes – and thus your thinking – in new and effective ways.

The note-taking interface is clean and intuitive

It does so through a clever “semantic network” system. Essentially, as you tap out notes through its familiar interface, you’re encouraged to include linked words through the use of the hash tag (#) symbol. Add this to the beginning of any word, and it will open a new linked notation entry.

Once you’ve created a few of these hash tag numbers, you’ll be able to input links through a drop down # menu. It’s a quick, powerful, and familiar way to join up information.

The graph tab lets you map out your notes

Hypernotes by Zenkit even gives you a useful overview of how all this information interconnects – a sort of mind map for your notations, and you can leap to any note directly from this visual aid.

It’s this interconnectedness that’s really the whole point of Hypernotes, and the app will even suggest links where none have been made. To this end, while you can created separate notebooks each filled with their own family trees of ideas, the developer encourages you to stick to a single notebook as far as possible. It’s all about linking up ostensibly disparate concepts, dates, and people, so it doesn’t work as intended if you spread your ideas too thinly.

Each notebook is a hive of interconnected notes

Elsewhere you can quickly insert notes based on the day’s date through a dedicated tab. There’s also a task manager tab, with gives you the time–honored power of checklists. Naturally the ‘semantic network’ applies across these two tools as well, spreading the web further.

There’s also a pronounced collaborative edge to Hypernotes by Zenkit, as you can share access on a notebook by notebook basis. There’s also a full comments system, integrated with a full changelog, so you can track and discuss the life of a given note entry.

The emphasis is on collaboration

Together With the app’s stand–out mind map approach, it’s easy to see how it could work well as project management hub. (The app manages to remain free to individuals by charging business and enterprise customers.) And with the past year placing more emphasis on remote working, we could very well see Hypernotes by Zenkit taking its place alongside Slack and Zoom at the heart of your virtual office.