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Amazon’s Kindle app for iPhone and iPad has just been updated, adding support for magazines and making it easier than ever to “return” ebooks from Kindle’s digital lending library. This is good news for anyone who loves reading on their mobile device, and encouraging for those who have yet to explore Kindle’s iOS offerings.


You can now easily read magazines through the Kindle app in a format designed specifically for digital distribution. So far there are 19 titles to choose from, including Food Network, Cosmopolitan, Life & Style, and US Weekly.


Kindle runs two different subscription services for ebooks – Amazon Prime users get a bunch of free content included with their existing subscription, while Kindle Unlimited gives access to a much larger pool of ebooks and audiobooks for $10/£10 a month.

Users of these services have to “return” books when they’re finished with them before taking new ones, but until now that has been a somewhat fiddly process only available via the main Amazon website. Now you can return books with a single tap from the Kindle app, which makes the whole subscription process a lot slicker.


If you’ve not tried the Kindle app before, now’s your chance to give it a go. It’s a free download and if you’re a user of the Amazon Kindle device, you’ll automatically get access to all the ebooks you already own.

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