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Lazy Bones: plan your routine and build good habits

Do you often find yourself getting to the end of the day only to realize you’ve forgotten to do a bunch of small but significant life admin and personal care chores? If only those things could ingrain themselves as part of your daily routine…

Lazy Bones is designed to help you manage your routine in a fun way. Not your entire workload, but rather those things in life you want to do more of each day.

With a combination of stickers, stats, and reminders, the app uses positive reinforcement to help you plan and build up good habits in your daily life. It uses custom icons and colors for each of your routines and allows you to designate which segment of the day you’d like to achieve each task.

Whether you’re looking to eat better, exercise more, be more productive, or just remember to take some time to relax each day – Lazy Bones has you covered.

There are plenty of routine planners out there, but this one has a uniquely lighthearted tone and a focus on simple habits. Though it runs on a subscription model, there’s a free seven-day trial which we’d recommend you use to see if Lazy Bones could be helpful in your life.

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