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LifeWheel – gain fulfilment in all areas of your life

This app takes a bird’s eye view of your personal and professional life, and helps you improve it

Price: Free (IAP subscription required)
Version: 2.5.5
Size: 83.9 MB
Seller: Oleksandr Stepanov
Platform: iPhone & iPad

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Too often, goal-tracking apps for iOS focus on your professional life – they essentially help you become more efficient, with the goal being either to get your work done in less time or get more work done in the time you’re allocated. It’s not often we see a productivity app come along that tries to strike a work-life balance, but that’s just what LifeWheel does.

When you first launch LifeWheel, you’re presented with a series of questions. These could take you by surprise – they require users to engage in a pretty self-reflective look at their own lives and to provide honest answers. The answers you give determine the “LifeWheel” that’s constructed for you, so honesty really is key. You’ll be asked about work and money, relationships and family, and fundamentally whether you’re happy in your life. The first few minutes with LifeWheel can feel like a surprise therapy session.

LifeWheel’s personal elicitation questions.

Then, LifeWheel constructs your own unique “LifeWheel” based on the responses you gave. You’ll see that your LifeWheel is separated into eight sections: health, career, financial, relationships, family and friends, material, personal growth, and fun. Numbers out of 10 in each segment of the wheel tell you how “healthy” that dimension of your life is – at the top of the screen, you’ll be told whether the app thinks these different aspects of your life are in balance or not.

Your LifeWheel.

After that, the real work begins. LifeWheel generates a happiness percentage which you can work towards improving – you can tap on an area which you’d like to focus on, and the app helps you begin to make changes. From here, users can attach a goal to a chosen category with the aim of increasing that score by a couple of points.

If you aren’t sure what kind of goals you should set yourself, don’t panic because LifeWheel has some ideas. Tapping the “+” button in the top-right of the screen lets you browse through a large list of prewritten goals, which are all linked to different areas of the LifeWheel. You can easily add these to your own to-do list – usefully, these goals also have days and due times attached to them (“drink a glass of water” will alert every day, while “invest 10% of income” only reminds you once a month). Of course, it’s easy enough to create your own goals which are linked to areas of the wheel, too. The more personal and precise, the better.

Goals ready to go.

And you can get even more out of LifeWheel if you visit the app’s settings. There, you can customize icons for each of the life dimensions mentioned above, you can set a passcode for the app (which might be useful if you have some especially personal goals), you can choose between a light and dark theme, and you can enable iCloud sync. Aside from the iPhone and iPod touch, LifeWheel is also optimized for the iPad, which should make it ultra-convenient for users to keep on top of their goals.

The day’s current goals.

Unfortunately, LifeWheel is great but not perfect – there are issues with the English used in the app, particularly during the round of personal questions at the beginning. This isn’t a great first impression and could put some users off before they’ve even started. We’re hoping to see this improve in future releases of LifeWheel.

Settings to tweak and customize.

However, this small qualm aside, LifeWheel is a great goal-tracking app with a difference. Its smart approach to gaining fulfilment in all domains of your life is a great idea, and in terms of the app’s core functionality, we couldn’t be happier. It would be nice to add extra domains to the LifeWheel – users might find that there are further life dimensions they’d like to track which aren’t covered by the eight areas on offer. And like we said, the app’s English isn’t perfect and needs refining.

But for a new iOS app – and especially one looking to stand out in the crowded market of App Store goal-trackers – LifeWheel is a great app that could work well for you. A free three-day trial is available before users need to pay a monthly subscription of $3.99 (£3.99).

Head to the App Store now and take control of your own “LifeWheel.”