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Moleskine Actions: gorgeous new organization app

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Moleskine has long been known for its tasteful collection of notebooks and planners, but it also has a sizeable following in the digital world.

A few years back, Moleskine launched Timepage, a minimal and beautifully designed calendar app that is one of our favorites for iOS. The only thing that was really missing from Timepage was a robust reminders system and the ability to create lists and to-dos. Well, Moleskine has decided to solve those problems not by bloating Timepage with new features but by creating a second app specifically to help organize all aspects of your life.

Actions is that app, designed for those who like to plan things using lists and could benefit from a slick and easy way to store them all. The basic interface in the app involves Action Cards, which are used to note things you need to remember. Those can then be sorted into lists, set as reminders, scheduled as repeating actions, or simply used as notes.

Here’s the official description: “Keep on top of everything in your head, whether it’s movies to watch or the details of your next big project. Designed for busy people who live by making lists to stay on track at work and home, the digital card based design is a clutter-free way to visualize everything that needs doing.”

We really like the natural language parsing ability of Actions; ask it to remind you to “take out the recycling every Wednesday evening,” and it will do just that. It syncs with your other devices via iCloud, works with Siri for hands-free requestions, and integrates with other apps using the iOS share sheet. Of course, it works particularly well in tandem with Timepage if you’re an existing fan of the calendar app!

Actions is a free download, but like so many apps these days runs on a subscription service. It costs $2/£2 per month, with a free trial so you can try everything out before parting with any cash.

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