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Money management: Apps to help you with budgeting

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Budgeting is one of those dull but important chores that can end up being a lot of effort if you’re not careful. Even more so if you’re trying to scrimp together some savings for the long term! But, as ever, there’s an app for that. Several, in fact!

Apple’s editorial team has put together a piece about its favorite three apps that can help you stick to a budget. It highlights Pennies for everyday tracking of your outgoings, Monzo for trusted online banking with automatic “coin jar” savings, and Our Expenses for staying on top of joint bills with a partner.

You can see Apple’s detailed views on each of the above apps right here on the App Store.

We’re fans of all three, having even included Pennies in our 21 essential apps for a new iPhone. It’s especially good for seeing exactly where all your money goes each month. Once you realize¬†you’re spending $100/month on coffee, for example, you might decide to cut down!

Pennies is a clear and simple way to see how much spending money you have left in your budget

There’s also some crossover with our own roundup of the best personal budgeting apps, which is worth checking out for even more inspiration on keeping track of your spending without feeling like you’re doing work.