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Apple’s editorial team has released a list of its favorite apps to help you beat the moody blues. Each of these apps is designed to help combat mood swings, anxiety, and depression – but also to develop positive habits and reflect on your general well-being.

Mood diaries can help you track your happiness over time in an attempt to pinpoint exactly what influences it – and conversely, what kind of events (beyond the obvious) trigger sadness.

The four apps included in the roundup are: Daylio, which tracks each day with a combination of emoji and activity journaling; RealifeChange, a virtual life coach that takes all manner of variables into account; Moods, a super minimal way to track your feelings if you’re short on time; and Stigma, a community-based support network of users with similar mental health experiences.

All of these apps are a free download, though most of them have a paid premium tier which unlocks additional capabilities.

We’d also recommend MoodNotes as an excellent way to keep track of the daily causes and effects that contribute to your mood – and if you’re keen on making memories but not interested in a thought journal, 1 Second Everyday is a great way to make each day special.

You can read more about Apple’s choices here, or check out each app on the App Store directly using the links above.