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Moodistory – a simple, smart mental health journal

Keeping track of your mood as it fluctuates throughout the week is made easy in this clever tracker

Price: $5 / £5
Version: 1.9.6
Size: 24.4 MB
Seller: Christoph Matzka
Platform: iPhone


Our mood can change so automatically (and unpredictably) from day-to-day that keeping track of it is good practice for anyone interested in their own mental health. Moodistory is a simple, smart mental health and habit journal for iPhone, which allows users to keep track of their changing mood and – most importantly – their behavioral habits.

We all know that doing certain things can make us feel better or worse. Sleeping late, getting take-out food, having a glass of beer or wine can all influence or mood in one way or another. Moodistory helps users keep track of this so that they can engage in more of their good habits, and in fewer of their bad ones.

Logging your mood.

The app takes a simple and straightforward approach to mood-tracking: it uses a six-point, label-free scale ranging in color from red to green. You log how you’re feeling in the app and in doing so, Moodistory keeps track of how your mood has been over the last few days, weeks, or months.

After logging your mood, the app also asks you to log the things you’ve been doing on that day. These are nicely presented through little icons – you can scroll, search, and add any activities that aren’t already there.

Tracking what you’ve done.

You’ll probably find that logging your mood in this way feels therapeutic – it encourages you to sit back and reflect on how you’ve felt and what you’ve done. But that’s not all Moodistory has to offer.

Arguably the app’s best feature is that in Moodistory, users can look back over how they’ve been feeling on different days and find out more about their changing mood. The app uses a simple calendar interface where days are color-coded, depending on how you felt. Users can then tap on a day to see what activities they did.

Looking back at previous days.

In this respect, Moodistory lets you search for trends in the ebbs and flows of your emotions and feelings. Maybe you always feel lousy the day after a glass of wine. Perhaps you feel better when you’ve been out for exercise or watched a movie. Moodistory’s goal is to help users do more of the good stuff, and less of the bad.

Mood analysis.

The app also usefully provides analytics on how you’ve been feeling: it automatically calculates and ranks your “Top Positive Events” and “Top Negative Events,” giving you an at-a-glance look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. Some of the mood factors may surprise you!

In the same interface, Moodistory presents your mood graphically – you can see, on a bar chart, how it’s increased and decreased over time. With enough data, this can help you predict trends in your mood over time – to remind yourself to be thankful for the best week you’ve had all year, or to remind yourself on a bad day that it could be worse.

Your changing mood.

Because of this fairly advanced functionality, it’s genuinely hard to critique Moodistory. The app does an excellent job of mood tracking, it provides a comprehensive history of how you’ve been feeling (and what you’ve been doing), and it crunches the numbers to offer a detailed analysis of your mental health.

Lots to customize.

Add to that support for reminders, PDF export, data backup, and user customization, and what you’ve got is a near-perfect app. The only thing missing, sadly, is iPad support.

Moodistory can be yours for a one-off $5/£5 with no subscriptions or IAP here.