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More from the App Store – great apps you might have missed [16 Oct 2020]

Thousands of apps and games are added to the App Store each week, and trawling through them to find the good ones can be difficult. That’s where we come in! We’ve found two new titles in particular that we think are worthy of your attention, as well as a golden oldie that we reckon deserves another mention.

App of the Week

Mycons [$9.99/£9.99 full unlock]

The launch of iOS 14 has gotten a lot of iPhone users interested in customising their home screens, chiefly through the use of widgets. Mycons could be the app to help you take the next step, offering an intuitive tool for making and downloading custom app icons and implementing them through the Shortcuts app. Some of the customisation tools are free, but a one–off $9.99 payment will unlock the full suite of tools. You can also purchase icon packs made by other designers.


Game of the Week


It’s the turn of everyone’s favourite yellow pixellated omnivore, Pac–Man, to jump aboard the AR train. In PAC-MAN GEO, you play the familiar dot–munching maze runner through the street layouts of real life locations. You can create your own courses from a real world map, opening up the tantalising possibility of wacca–waccaing around your very own neighbourhood. Otherwise, it’s Pac–Man as you know it: gobble pellets and chomp pills to turn the tables on those dastardly ghosts.


App Store Classic

Wolfram Alpha [$2.99/£2.99]

We’re all used to Googling or asking Siri for information now, but they don’t always get you to the really deep stat–driven stuff. One of the most powerful information–gathering tools over recent years has been Wolfram Alpha, which Siri itself will turn to from time to time. Using powerful computational intelligence, this app will put together full reports with graphs and insights. It’s the perfect assistant for homework or research assignments, as well as those bits of esoteric trivia that Google can’t always touch.

Wolfram Alpha