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Mr Jump S: new version of the hard-as-nails platformer

Mr Jump is back with an unexpected sequel to one of the most delightfully frustrating iOS games of 2015.

The surface simplicity of this series belies its pixel-perfect level design and clever mechanics. The sequel looks to deliver more of the same tough-as-nails jumping action as its predecessor, with “dozens” of levels – though it’s worth noting they’re mostly rehashed from the first Mr Jump. Read our review of the original game for more details.

One thing the game does differently this time around is split each level into a series of smaller sections. Whereas before, you’d have to keep replaying the opening of a long level if you were stuck at the end, here you only need to complete each chunk once. It feels like a conscious effort to make the game more accessible for non-hardcore gamers, and will be welcomed by anyone who was too frustrated by the original Mr Jump.

Mr Jump S is a free download, with a $2/£2 purchase removing all ads. We’d recommend you give the game a try before committing, but if you like it then the unlock is definitely worth it. The later levels are so tough you’ll end up seeing a lot of ads otherwise!

Download Mr Jump S