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No Meat Today – start tracking your meat-free journey

Whether you’re going vegan, vegetarian, or flexitarian, No Meat Today is a perfect meat-free companion app

Price: Free
Subscription: $3 / £3 per year
Version: 3.7
Size: 47.8 MB
Seller: Goodwhale
Platform: iPhone & Apple Watch

No Meat Today

Eating less meat is an increasingly popular lifestyle change, whether for health, moral, or environmental reasons. If you’re thinking of cutting down, No Meat Today is a useful utility that can help you monitor and track your meat intake – without forcing users to go full veggie.

The beauty of No Meat Today is its simplicity. In the app, you’re asked to log your daily meals by inputting one of two choices – a YES if you’ve eaten a meat-based meal, and a NO if your meal was meat-free. It’s quick, easy, and makes meal-logging a lot simpler than what you might be used to – after all, No Meat Today is interested in tracking one thing, and one thing only.

No Meat Today.

When you log fully meat-free days, you’ll notice that something special happens in the app – little cows, which act as rewards, come to live on your virtual green planet. Each one has a different name and if you tap the Population tab, you’ll be able to see the date it first arrived.

This adds a nice dose of gamification reward to your meat-free journey. You’ll find that you’re motivated in going entirely meat-free for the day in order to add another black and white friend to your planet. And on special “cowlidays,” you’ll find that newly arrived cows also acquire exclusive looks!

Meet your cows.

Over in the History tab, you can browse through your past achievements – No Meat Today proportionally color-codes previously-logged days depending on your meat intake. You can also see those special days when you earned a cow for your efforts.

What’s really nice about No Meat Today is that the developer seems to have thought of everything – even the little things which might otherwise have been missed. You can go back and log meals for previous days if you want, and a handy undo button on the app’s main page lets you change your previously-logged meal if you tapped the wrong button. You can also log as many – or as few – meals as you wish for each day; the app doesn’t force you into logging three.

Track your progress.

No Meat Today can send you a notification each evening to remind you to log your day’s diet. All of this is set within an app which feels well-designed and has a colorful, fun aesthetic. That said, the selling point of collecting cows for your “planet” could certainly be visualized better. We’d love to see animated livestock roaming a cartoon field rather than a lifeless list view.

But back to the technical considerations – it’s a nice touch that you can log meals on the go using a companion Apple Watch app. The one thing that’s missing is a version of the app optimized for iPadOS, but I guess we can live without that.

Tweak those settings.

To squeeze more meat-free days into your diet, look no further. No Meat Today is a great app which performs a relatively simple function, but does so perfectly. While it’s free to download, users are asked to pay an annual subscription of $3/£3 to fully unlock the full app, with 5% of that fee going towards animal welfare and planet conservation.