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(Not Boring) Weather – a fun alternative for weather-watchers

With its chunky graphics and comprehensive data, there’s nothing boring about this weather app

Price: Free
Subscription: $2 / £2 (monthly)
Version: 1.13
Size: 109.1 MB
Seller: Andy Works LLC
Platform: iPhone & iPad

(Not Boring) Weather

(Not Boring) Weather provides an alternative to the built-in Weather app that’s anything but boring. Offering fun, 3D graphics and some smart features, the free app – which requires a $2/£2 monthly subscription after a trial period – is a great option for weather-watchers who are bored with the weather apps currently available.

You’ll notice that the app’s stand-out feature is its 3D graphics: when you launch (Not Boring) Weather, it throws a huge temperature figure to the front of the UI, alongside chunky graphics depicting the current conditions – sunny, cloudy, rainy, or somewhere in between. You can manipulate these graphics by touching and dragging a finger on the screen, or it’s possible to tap the interface for finer details – like precipitation, humidity, and UV (to name a few).

(Not Boring) Weather.

Along the bottom of the screen is a scrub bar – using this, it’s possible to drag a finger to “scrub” through weather conditions for the current day. You’ll notice the display dynamically change as the hours roll forwards or backwards. It’s a neat feature, giving you the chance to peek ahead at weather to come, or to check back on the conditions of the past few hours. The animations and graphics change quickly and responsively, adding another fun element. A swipe-up on the scrub-bar gives you a preview of the coming week, alongside temperatures and icons for weather conditions, while a swipe-down reveals conditions for the next hour.

Comprehensive data.

What might set (Not Boring) Weather even further apart from some of its competitors are the app’s more advanced options and settings – these can be accessed by tapping a dot icon in the top-right of the screen. First, (Not Boring) Weather supports a diverse range of skins, which add a fresh, new look to the app – for a price. Skins cost anywhere between $5/£5 and $15/£15, but add a brand new look across the app and its companion Timer and Calculator apps.


You can also tweak your weather data source in the app’s advanced settings, alongside units, location, and how the app uses and produces sounds. By default, (Not Boring) Weather offers some cool sound effects when interacting with different elements in the app, alongside subtle haptics (which are so subtle you might even miss them entirely). Of course, you’ll only hear the app’s sound effects if Silent Mode is disabled.

Simple animation.

The bottom line with (Not Boring) Weather is that the app offers exactly what its name promises – a weather app for iOS and iPadOS that’s fun to manipulate and feels somewhat game-like. Advanced data (available with a tap) and customization set the app apart from Apple’s default offering, but whether that’s enough to justify the $2/£2 monthly fee may depend on exactly how bored you are with your current weather-watching app.

Subscription options.

For users who do choose to subscribe, the really good news is that their subscription grants access to all three (Not Boring) apps: Weather, Timer, and Calculator.