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NotePlan combines Calendar and Notes like no other app

A new planning app just launched for iOS, and it offers something unlike much else on the App Store. If you’re still waiting to find the perfect productivity app for your daily routine, this could be it.

NotePlan’s unique approach to productivity is to combine a full calendar view with daily notes. The idea is to provide an uncluttered interface that helps you organize your life on a day-by-day basis. Capture ideas as they come to you or save detailed lists; whatever is relevant for that particular day. Everything is saved as plain text – with Markdown compatibility if you want to easily **emphasize** text or add #headings.

Keep notes organized by date

The app can automatically sync with iCalendar and Reminders, and is minimal enough to work for any kind of notes – todo lists are especially helpful in this daily system. More general notes can be saved outside of the calendar, and tags can be used to sort and search through the notes.

NotePlan has existed as a Mac app since last year, and has been well received. It looks as though the iOS version has been made with similar level of care and – though a little pricey ($11.99/£11.99) – it could be worth checking out. Some of the best “Getting Things Done” and note-taking apps use a subscription model which ends up costing even more, so a one-time fee isn’t too bad if you end up using it a lot.

Download NotePlan from the App Store ($11.99/£11.99)