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Online invitations: 3 ways to send brilliant ‘e-vites’

These days, more and more of us are ditching paper invitations and sending virtual invites instead. And it’s no wonder: e-vites can be cheaper and quicker to send; they make it easier to accept and track RSVPs; and of course, they’re kinder to the environment.

Let’s take a look at some of the best apps for sending e-vites.

The best all-round e-vite app

Paperless Post is hands-down the best all-around app for creating and sending invitations. There are tons of good-looking templates to choose from and plenty of customization options to tweak.

Plus, most templates let you share up to 50 invitations free of charge via iMessage (or SMS), social media, and WhatsApp.

Paperless Post – it’s a great all-rounder.

The best app for wedding invitations

Although Paperless Post is a great all-rounder, Invitation Maker Studio is far better suited for weddings or more formal events.

The app’s premium feel comes with a $3/£3 monthly fee, although a free trial is available. Once you’re in the app, though, a plethora of elegant designs for weddings, baby showers, and everything in between are available to choose from.

Invitation Maker Studio – for a more formal gathering.

The best app for party e-vites

When it comes to throwing a good ol’ fashioned party, look no further than Evite. In this app, a great selection of party invitations are available to choose from. Like the previous apps, Evite’s invitations are all customizable – you can replace header text and RSVP details with a tap.

It’s especially useful to see birthdays for her, him, teens, and birthday milestones available to choose from.

Evite – for when it’s party time!

So, depending on your needs, you have three great e-vite apps to help you out: Invitation Maker Studio for more formal affairs, Evite for parties, and Paperless Post for everything else! Download the trio, and ditch paper invitations forever.