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Peckish – a food-based social network

Developer: Peckish App Ltd
Price: Free
Size: 41.4 MB
Version: 1.1.4
Platform: iPhone & iPad


Peckish is a social network based solely around food, enabling you to view and share recipes with others in a vaguely Instagram-esque format.

It does so in a refreshingly direct and to-the-point manner. Open the the app for the first time and, once you’ve granted the requisite permissions, you’ll jump straight into the hottest recipe of the moment.

Each recipe is fronted by a looping video snippet

Rather than a dry sign-up page, we were presented with a looping animation of some ‘Lentil Ragu with Cheddar Mascarpone’ being forked. It serves as a suitably mouth-watering entrĂ©e.

You can flick through these Hot recipes by swiping up and down, or scroll through them in reverse chronological order by tapping the New tab at the top left. Tap the arrow keys to vote the recipe up or down, or hit the comment tab to leave feedback.

Swipe right for the recipe breakdown

Naturally you’ll need to sign up for an account in order to leave such feedback, or to save recipes to your favorites list and follow individual contributors. It’s a mercifully quick and unfussy procedure.

Swiping right from a recipe is where the meat of the Peckish experience lies. Here is where you’ll find the recipe itself, as well as any chef’s notes.

Comments bring the Peckish community together

The recipes are pretty simply laid out, if a little lacking in polish or charm. There’s a slight inconsistency in how the recipe navigation system functions between the hub view and the Explore tab, too.

Indeed, the app itself feels ever so slightly undercooked. We experienced a persistent bug early on whereby tapping on the Following tab left us unable to navigate back to the New or Hot tabs. We literally had to force-close and reopen the app to fix this, at least until we followed our first person, which seemed to fix it.

Explore offers dishes, chefs to follow, and trending tags

Meanwhile, the app proved also somewhat unstable running on an iPhone SE (2nd generation), crashing out from time to time. Your mileage may vary.

All in all, Peckish is a sound concept. For many people, sharing food pictures is pretty much what traditional social media is all about anyway. Peckish merely formalizes that link, strips away the other stuff, and adds the ability to replicate what you’re looking at and share your own culinary tips.

All your saved recipes live in the Profile section

It doesn’t yet feel like a finished dish, but Peckish is well worth signing up for if you’re eager to link up and trade information with like-minded gourmands.