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Portable North Pole – custom video messages from Santa

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, not the least because Christmas means a visit from the man in red. But did you know that with the magic of apps it’s possible to create a custom video message from Santa Claus himself for your friends or family? Best of all, you can do so free of charge using a simple service called Portable North Pole.

After downloading and installing the app, launch it on your iPhone, and choose Create my free video. Then, you can begin customizing the video by inputting the child’s first name, their gender, and their date of birth. (We say child, but of course there’s no age limit on Christmas cheer! Send one to your granny, too. Why not.)

Create your video.

If you wish, you can add a photo of the child, and you’ll need to choose where in the world your child lives – including the local province. This might seem like a lot of information, but it serves to make the video all the more unique and special. Trust us, it’ll be worth it in the long run!

Input details.

Last, you can select an aspect of the child’s daily life – like whether they go to school or nursery. If you’re worried about giving away personal information, rest assured the questions are pretty vague and generic – and you can always make something up.

Accept the terms and conditions, sign-in to the app with an email address, or via Facebook or Google. While a Sign in with Apple option is available, in our testing, this route didn’t work as expected – but your mileage may vary. When it works, this is generally the better option as it puts your privacy first.

Customize your video.

Portable North Pole will then generate your video and display it in the app. You’ll find that as if by magic, Santa speaks a message created especially for your child, using their name and all of the unique information you inputted during the video-creation stage. In the video, Santa also provides kids with a special tour of his ice palace in the North Pole, and a number of his elves make guest appearances.

The finished product.

Importantly, it’s possible to download the video to your Photos app, or to share it via a range of mediums, including Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, or email.

To make this Christmas extra special, download Portable North Pole and create your free custom video message from Santa now. Using the app couldn’t be easier – and the results couldn’t be more magical!