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Powerful day planner”Sorted” goes free with big update

Sorted – was $7.99/£7.99, now FREE

This impressive day planning app launched last year to good reviews, and it’s just dropped a big old update to make it even better. Version 2 of Sorted adds better Calendar integration, a daily activity log, lots of smart task controls and – this is a big one – emoji flags. All this, and it’s now free too! So what’s the catch?

Well, Sorted hides some of these new features (plus useful extras like cloud sync) behind a subscription-based “Pro” service. It looks like a fair system, though – all the core functions of the app are now completely free, and if you really dig the way Sorted handles day-to-day task management you can unlock all the Pro features with IAP. There’s even a 14-day free trial in case you’re not sure, and anyone who used sorted version 1 gets a free upgrade.

Sorted does things differently from other productivity apps, with a beautiful interface and smart gestures to make it super quick to organize your schedule. It’s forgiving when your plans change, and it won’t lose all your lists and notes to the tides of time. Unless you’ve already perfected your own personal “getting things done” system, we’d definitely recommend giving Sorted a try now there’s no barrier to entry.

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