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Price Drop! Beautiful adventure game ‘Legend of the Skyfish’ currently just $1

The Zelda-inspired adventure hits its lowest price ever

Legend of the Skyfish is one of the finest action-adventure-puzzle games on the App Store, and it’s available for pocket change for the next few days.

Though it takes clear inspiration from old-school Zelda titles with its top-down view and environmental puzzles, it still comes across as a unique experience thanks to the use of a humble fishing pole as the player’s main weapon. You can bop enemies on the head with it or use it as a grappling hook to grab faraway treasures, and its versatility is behind most of the creativity throughout the game’s 45 levels.

The game plays well on iPhone and iPad, but it’s also compatible with the Apple TV. If you have one, it’s a great way to experience the detailed hand-painted artwork on a bigger screen – and TV support is included at no extra cost! If you want something to really dive into, this could be the one. It’s a lot of fun.

Note – this pricing is accurate at the time of publishing, but is likely to revert to normal in the next few days. Act fast!

Legend of the Skyfish – was $3.99/£3.99, now $0.99/£0.99 – get it now for iPhone or iPad