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Price Drop! Charming, clever physics puzzler Zip–Zap now free

Zip–Zap has gone completely free for a limited time

This delightfully unique physics puzzler is on sale, and if it passed you by when it first released last year it’s most definitely worth your time now.

The App Store description is delightfully brief: “Touch to contract. Release to let go. Bring the clumsy mechanical beings home.” Truthfully, that’s more or less all there is to it – manipulating shapes by tweaking their joints and hinges – but the level design is very clever and gets a lot of mileage from a simple concept. If you grew up on LEGO, K’nex or Meccano you’ll enjoy this – the premise is simple, the graphics charming and the puzzles satisfying.

This is a game with no adverts and no in-app purchases, making it an absolute steal at the low price of zero dollars. It’s a good time killer and worth picking up if you like dipping into the odd brainteaser in your downtime.

Note – this pricing is accurate at the time of publishing, but is likely to revert to normal in the next few days. Act fast!

Zip Zap – was $1.99/£1.99, now FREE – get it now for iPhone or iPad