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Price Drop: iDisplay turns your device into a secondary computer screen

iDisplay – was $19.99/£19.99, now FREE

iDisplay connects your iPhone or iPad to a Mac or Windows computer to use as an extra screen, meaning you can take advantage of the extra space to work on two things at once. If you ever take a laptop on the road, this is a seriously useful app that could make you twice as productive!

It’s great for multitasking, can connect via Wi-Fi or a wired connection, and even maintains the touchscreen capabilities of your iOS device. Of course, the app is more useful when coupled with a large iPad, but even an iPhone can be handy to display extra information while you’re working on something on your main computer screen. Alternatively, you can use it to mirror exactly what’s seen on the main screen, so you can work on something even while away from the computer.

Normally, this functionality doesn’t come cheap – the app usually sells for $20/£20! But it’s just gone on sale and (at the time of writing) is completely free to download and use. You may use it only on rare occasions, but if you grab the app now while it’s free you’ll be glad to have it if the need ever arises. The last time it was available for no cost was more than a year ago!

Please bear in mind that, as ever, the discounted price is for a limited time only and could increase at any time. The App Store will always confirm the current price before download.

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