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Price Drop! Make beautiful music with ‘Lily’ – now completely free

Lily – Playful Music Creation can be picked up for free right now

There are plenty of music creation apps out there on iOS, but most of them are overly complex affairs tailored towards keen musicians. In contrast, Lily is an audio app for everyone – regardless of musical ability. You can become a hotshot composer by playing with flowers!

The app includes six water lilies to play with, each tied to a unique sound. By altering a simple set of sliders you can create slick looping melodies, while adding or removing petals changes the length of the loop. It’s really easy to play around with and make something that sounds cool quickly – but for the adventurous, you can create multiple lily patterns and then chain them together into songs. It’s fun, and it’s free!

Note – this pricing is accurate at the time of publishing, but is likely to revert to normal in the next few days. Act fast!

Lily – was $1.99/£1.99, now FREE – get it now for iPhone or iPad