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Price Drop! “Sudoku Sweeper” is on sale for the first time

Fan of Sudoku? Grab this puzzler while the price is right

Sudoku Sweeper is a mashup of the popular number puzzles known as Sudoku with the simple computer game Minesweeper. It’s an easy to pick up logic puzzle that will be super familiar to Sudoku fans, while mixing things up just enough to feel fresh. It brings with it new layouts, different size grids, and something we think has been sorely missing from casual puzzles: bombs.

Like regular Sudoku, each row contains one of every number, and each column does too. The added complexity here is that interlocking colors on the grids also contain one of each number – and each of the above contains exactly one bomb. Those, obviously, will need to be avoided.

This game only launched a month ago, and we’ve found ourselves returning to repeatedly since then as a quick-fire time-killer. It’s a great puzzle to keep on your home screen, and is currently less than $1.

Note – this pricing is accurate at the time of publishing, but will revert to normal in the next few days. Act fast!

Sudoku Sweeper – was $2.99/£2.99, now $0.99/£0.99