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Price Drop: Typic: Text on Photos is currently free

Typic – was $3.99/£3.99, now FREE

Typic is one of the most acclaimed “text on photo” apps out there, allowing users to make beautiful images in a matter of moments by combining slick messages with inspiring photos. Greetings cards, posters, business cards, even memes – whatever you want to make is super easy and perfect for printing or sharing on social media.

The app has been around for a while (it’s up to version 7.0!) and has made a lot of improvements in that time, adding features like a logo creator and a design section with pre-made artworks and stickers. If your idea involves text and photos, chances are Typic can help you make it.

There are so many uses for Typic, we think it’s worthy of a place on everybody’s home screen. Normally the $4/£4 price tag might put you off, but for a limited time the app is free so we’d suggest taking advantage of that fact!

Please bear in mind that this discounted price is for a limited time only and could increase at any time. The App Store will always confirm the current price before download.

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